Selected Publications

Selected Publications

Using Virtual World Activities for Amputee Rehabilitation
Morie, J. F., Lathan, C. E., Skinner, A., Chance, E., Purohit, D., & Haynes, K. Journal of Research and Practice in Information Technology.

I want my virtual friends to be life size!: adapting Second Life to multi-screen projected environments.
Haynes, Kip, Jacquelyn Morie, and Eric Chance. ACM SIGGRAPH Conference

CaveSL: A Large Format Scalable Multi-display System for Social and Scientific Visualization in Second Life.
Haynes, Kip, and Eric Chance. In 13th Annual IEEE EuroGraphics/Visualization (EuroVis) Conference

Storytelling with Storyteller Agents in Second Life
Morie, J. F., Chance, E., Haynes, K., & Purohit, D.  Cyberworlds (CW), International Conference on (pp. 165-170). IEEE.

Embodied Conversational Agent Avatars in Virtual Worlds: Making Today’s Immersive Environments More Responsive to Participants
Morie, J. F., Chance, E., Haynes, K., & Rajpurohit, D. Book Chapter: Believable Bots: Can Computers Play Like People?

Warriors’ Journey: A Path to Healing through Narrative Exploration
J F Morie, E Haynes, E Chance International Journal on Disability and Human Development 2011; Volume 10. No. 1.

No Sweat: Jogging in a Virtual World Using Breath as Avatar Control
Morie, J. F., Chance, E., Haynes, K., and Purohit, D. in Proceedings of the 15th Conference on CyberTherapy and CyberPsychology.

Display Research at the University of Southern California
Bolas, M., Pair, J., Haynes, K., McDowall, I. IEEE Emerging Displays Workshop, Alexandria, VA

Distributed VR-Based Training and Simulation on Commodity Clusters
Kip Haynes, Tae Yoon Commodity Cluster Symposium, Alexandria, VA

Environmental and Immersive Display Research at the University of Southern California
Mark Bolas, Jarrell Pair, Kip Haynes, Ian McDowall IEEE conference on Virtual Reality